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Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBlonde
Dress Size6
About me
My name is Alya and I would absolutely be thrilled to meet you. A vivacious, young and attractive blonde beauty, I love to live my life on the edge, with always an adventure planned ahead, something exciting to look forward and aim for. Passionate about health and fitness, it is a large part of my being and who I am. I regularly exercise, look after my diet and cherish a clean living lifestyle as it gives me the focus, dedication and drives to enjoy my every day with positivity and vitality. Through my many travels around the world, the experiences and discoveries I have encountered and lived, I am confident, happy with who I am, and best of all have found what it feels like to be sexually liberated. Choosing this path purely for pleasure, I hope to further explore my deepening relationship with sex and sexuality. A bright, sporty, gorgeous blonde, you will find I always carry an aura of light, love and laughter. A passionate lover and a genuine nurturer who finds great pleasure satisfying your ultimate erotic fantasy, all my encounters are highly sensual and will end up captivating your mind. The thoughts of my magical touches upon your skin, my tongue between yours, the warmth you feel inside of me will be sure to be lingering on your mind for days. I have a genuine insatiable sexual appetite with a drive that almost explodes. I go wild using my sense of taste and touch, a devouring passion, loving nothing more than to cheekily push the barriers of our sexual boundaries. The thought of being eaten up by you, leaving no corner of the entire spectrum of sex and eroticism unturned is my ultimate fantasy.


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